Managed WANs

Bring your people and sites together and plan ahead for future growth with our resilient, multi-carrier wide area networks (WAN).


At Safe Hosts, we thrive on flexibility and creativity, and we combine them in our approach to Managed Wide Area Networks (WANs).

By using traditional fixed connectivity, from Fibre Ethernet to DSL broadband, and combining it with
cloud-based control capabilities, we can design, build and manage a resilient and secure wide area network that promotes control and visibility, and which brings your whole organisation together.

Making it stronger; more productive, more collaborative, and better able to keep your customers happy and loyal.

When you're ready to build your Managed WAN service, choose from managed hardware or wires only, and, whichever option you choose, you'll get the support of a Client Services Manager to smooth your transition from your old network and help you get the best from your new one.

Managed WANs brochure

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Fully managed service

From a team with practical experience
  • A single, reliable, managed services partner
  • Decades of experience in the technology and hosting sector
  • Flexibility to tailor our service to each customer's unique needs

Multi-carrier benefits

Including network resilience
  • Best connectivity available at each location
  • Outages won't bring down your whole network
  • Consider main and backup lines at each location

Competitive pricing

To maximise your budget
  • Get the best pricing available at each location
  • Maximise the potential of your WAN budget
  • Design completely tailored to your needs and budget

How a Managed WAN from Safe Hosts will benefit your business


The best technology, tailored to you

We’ll work with you to understand your business and design the right WAN for today’s needs and tomorrow’s plans.

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Cost-effective, for every budget

Our multi-carrier relationships, with ISPs including BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Sky, SSE and more, mean we can offer you the best pricing available at each of your sites.

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Plan for the future with confidence

Want to add hosted voice to your WAN? Easy. Access hosted servers without impacting business-critical traffic? No problem. The right WAN simply lets you get on with whatever you need to do.

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Always-on support, for total peace of mind

You’re in safe hands with Safe Hosts. We’re flexible, available, personable and creative in solving problems, and we take your network performance as seriously as you do.

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Keep communications live and secure

Within our secure MPLS, your Managed WAN can be completely closed or include optional internet breakout, with cloud managed firewalls to keep you fully protected from external threats.

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We manage, so you don't have to

We can provide all the pre-sales and project management support necessary and show you
how to get the best from your network.

Ready to chat?

To talk through our packages or discuss bespoke options, please get in touch.

Our friendly experts are easy to talk to and creative in designing the right solution for every customer.