Leased Lines and Broadband

Our multi-carrier Leased line and Broadband options keep you always connected with your hosted data and applications.

Backed up with SLAs and great customer service, our Leased lines give you dedicated connectivity you can rely on, while our Fibre and DSL Broadband services help to connect hard-to-reach locations across the UK and provide crucial backup connections.  

Whichever option you need, we're sure we can provide it at an unbeatable price - put us to the test!


Leased Lines

From Fibre Ethernet to EoFTTC, our Leased Line options (or DIA if you prefer) give you fully uncontended symmetrical bandwidth.

All our Leased Lines come with 99.999% SLAs and (on Ethernet) additional failover options including 4G, as well as hardware or wires only options.

Our multi-carrier network provides extensive UK coverage with providers including BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media, Sky and SSE, as well as scalable options to suit every need and budget.


Our cost-effective gateway connectivity options will keep your business running while you grow or move more permanently to a more flexible working model.

Choose from FTTC or FTTP (where available) for the fastest mass-market download and upload speeds.

Or, where fibre isn’t available, DSL represents value for money and increasingly reliable and fast connections to keep your people working together.

Leased Lines product sheet

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Broadband product sheet

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Fibre Ethernet

For the fastest, most resilient service
  • Delivered over a dedicated 10Mb, 100Mb or 1Gb fibre-optic bearer
  • Totally uncontended, highly secure and completely flexible

Managed/wires only

Managed or unmanaged hardware
  • Choose wires only to connect straight into your own hardware
  • Managed option comes with a pre-configured Ubiquiti device

Fibre/DSL Broadband

Cost-effective gateway connectivity
  • FTTC or FTTP where available, for the fastest mass market broadband
  • Dynamic traffic management lets you prioritise business-critical traffic

How internet connectivity from Safe Hosts will benefit your business


Boosted productivity

Optimise your business for flexible working; handle high-bandwidth usage such as VoIP, video conferencing and accessing hosted data with ease.


Guaranteed consistency

Industry-leading SLAs and optimum fix times on our Leased Lines guarantee resilience and reliability at the speeds your business demands.

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Total control and flexibility

Monitor usage and performance and plan ahead for busy periods or seasonal peaks by increasing
bandwidth on demand.

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Always-on support

Friendly and personal account management and unscripted UK-based technical support whenever you need it.

Our technology partners

City Fibre
TalkTalk Business
Virgin Media

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