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The datacentre benefits from a full perimeter fence, CCTV which is monitored 24/7, and an access control system.

Full rack customers have lockable rack doors. Datafloors and Power rooms have a gas based fire suppression system using a VESDA early warning system


Our network is multihomed, and is delivered to the datacentre over our route and carrier diverse MPLS network


We are fed from the power grid by a 11kV ring main, with our own substation on site. Continuity is provided by 2 diesel generators and physically seperate UPS's

ELECTRICAL electrical

11000 volt

11,000 Volt, diversely fed ring main supply.

LV power grid

Concurrently maintainable LV power grid. Multiple redundant components.

Reserved network

Reserved network capacity of 4 Megawatts.

Castell interlocked bypass

Castell interlocked bypass and full rated bus couplers.

Dual 1500kVA

Dual 1500kVA 11kV-400V transformers.

On site 24 7

On site 24/7/365 M&E support.

UPS ups

20 minute run time at full load.
Optional B feed from physically separated UPS system.
On site 24/7/365 M&E support.

FIRE fire

Addressable, multi-zoned optical, smoke and heat detection systems.

Dual zone VESDA in each colocation area.

Low pressure FM200 gaseous fire supression in all critical power areas.

High pressure IG55 gaseous fire supression in the data floors.

GENERATION generation

On site diesel generation, 2N (backing both sides of the power grid).

Fuel supply on site for 48 hours @ 100% load, backed by a 4 hour priority fuel contract.

Quarterly load bank testing & fuel polishing regime.

On site 24/7/365 M&E support.

COOLING cooling

Data floors temperature controlled using hybrid DX/ free air systems.

Energy efficient adiabatic cooling system to minimise our carbon footprint.

Minimum N+1 redundancy on all cooling plant.

On site 24/7/365 M&E support.


600mm raised floor void, 42mm Heavy Duty, PSA rated floor structure.

42/47U racks, alternatives available on request.

Custom designed cold containment and air distribution.

Maximum power density 16kW per rack.

Bespoke private suites, rack configurations and rack densities available on request.

CORE core

Core network notes at Telehouse North (THN) & Soverign Telecity (SOV) House
Juniper MX core network 1G/10G/100G ready, MPLS enabled (THN), (SOV).
BGP upstream connectivity with multiple Tier 1 carriers.      
1.5Tbit/s maximum core fabric performance, dual homed, (THN), (SOV).


diversely connected

Diversely connected to Safehosts core network aggregation sites via Dark Fibre.

CONNECTIVITY connectivity

Route and Carrier diverse DWDM fibre between (THN) & (SOV).

Dark Fibre/ DWDM access to all major Docklands Data Centers.

Sub 4.5ms round trip latency between (SAX) and (THN).

(SAX) is on net for: Safe Hosts Internet, SSE, Vodafone, Virgin, BT Openreach.

AS59816 (Safe Hosts Internet LLP) house network available at all locations.

  - 24/7/365, UK based NOC.

  - Multiple 10Gbit connections to Tier one carrier mix.

  - DDoS mitigation service available.