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Product sheets


From part racks, full racks or private suites, with power and bandwidth to match, we have the space and conditions to ensure optimum performance.


Connect your main site, satellite offices and home-workers, or add resilience to your current network and hosting infrastructure with our resilient broadband options.

Leased Lines

Our multi-carrier Leased line options keep you always connected with your hosted data and applications, backed up with SLAs and great customer service.

Professional Services

Whether you're simply short on time or you'd like to discuss technical solutions to your business challenges, our professional services team are keen to help.

Case studies

Numbers Plus

A fully resilient hosting solution capable of handling the high volume of calls and data traffic that pass through the Numbers Plus network.

Panavia Tornado Preservation Group

How a dedicated server, hosted in our privately-owned data centre, is helping a charity to work more efficiently.

Blog posts

Cloud, Colo and Control

Which is best, Cloud or Colo? The argument will rage on for years and it never will be a one-size-fits-all approach.

Colocation vs on-premise

We often get asked, “Why would I use Colocation rather than simply storing my servers in-house?”

What’s a Committed Data Rate (CDR) and other Colo jargon busted

Let’s cut through the industry jargon and find out.

When broadband just isn't enough

When you know, you know … it’s time to celebrate the fact that your business has grown and to look at your leased line options.

Where is Colocation going?

With cloud growth continuing, what does the future hold for Colocation providers? According to one forecast, the future's golden.

What is Colocation?

Colocation is offered by most data centres, but, if you’ve never heard the term before, it can be difficult to find out exactly what it means.

Taking Colocation to the next level

Savvy data centres are taking Colo to the next level with Managed Colo; all the benefits without losing any of the control or ownership.

Can data centres be environmentally friendly?

Marrying environmental concerns with the need to locate your servers cost-effectively and resiliently.

How remote hands are helping hosting customers to keep their distance

Keeping your operations running and your customers well served.

What makes a good supplier?

I recently ran a poll on LinkedIn about what makes a good supplier. The results were fairly mixed, but what’s to say you can’t have it all?

Legacy Ethernet pricing

Legacy isn’t always a bad thing. But legacy is so much more than just the technology. Legacy pricing still exists too.

Is your business WFH-ready?

Three things to consider that will make sure IT issues don’t get in the way of efficient home-working.

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