COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Safe Hosts Internet LLP is closely monitoring the situation with regards to the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This includes close attention to the latest guidance from the WHO (World Health Organisation), as well as from UK authorities.

In the current situation, it is important that we all take the necessary precautions to minimise the spread of the virus. Therefore, we would like to update you on Safehosts position concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and the steps we are taking to ensure the safety and productivity of our employees, clients and partners.

Safe Hosts Internet LLP has taken the following measures:

  • Terminated all non-essential business travel for all employees. Non-essential travel means only travel which is time-sensitive and could have a material impact from a financial, reputational, or operational perspective.
  • Encourage the use of virtual meeting technology and remote conference dialling to maintain business operations.
  • Cancelled participation in large industry events and other gatherings through to the end of March. We will continue to review this as per the advice from the appropriate authorities.

Due to the nature of our business we understand that you may be required to visit the Safehosts facility to maintain your own business operations. We would kindly request that all non-essential access to the Safehosts facility is postponed to protect you, our employees, our clients and our partners. During this period of restriction, we will be providing the following services, free of charge, to all clients to reduce the need to visit the facility;

  • Free unlimited intelligent hands support

We have staff on site who can follow your instructions over the phone or via support ticket should you need any work done on physical equipment.

  • Free rack and stack

You send your servers directly to us, we will rack them and get them connected, installing base OS and setting IP address / remote access where required.

  • No charge on transit overage due to remote working

Any extra transit used due to the increase in remote working will not be billed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time and we will post updates should the situation change.


Safe Hosts Internet LLP