About us


Safe Hosts Internet LLP is an independent Colocation, Hosting and Internet Service Provider (ISP), based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.


Our privately-owned data centre provides Hosting, Colocation and Managed Services to our international client base which includes both service providers and end-users. We own the data centre in its entirety, from the freehold of the site to the equipment that powers the racks, meaning every element of our hosting service is within our control.

We started in 2009 with 20 racks and a 1Gbps connection and since then we've expanded steadily. Customer demand has been strong, necessitating the build of a second larger data floor, and this has driven multiple technical upgrades.

On the network side, we have multiple 10Gbps connections, and power has been upgraded to a 4 megawatt ring main delivery, necessitating the installation of a substation on site.

Our approach

Our customers come from a wide range of sectors and our success is built on our flexibility, agility and "can-do" attitude. We thrive on solving the problems and challenges that other providers can't or won't fix, making our approach a breath of fresh air in an increasingly "off-the-shelf" world.

Our experienced support team has decades of combined experience in the technology industry, and works with our modern infrastructure to provide a consistently reliable service at a competitive price.

Investing in our future

We're building additional server rooms in our core data centre which will provide the ability to offer varying levels of Colocation and we're extending our offering of Leased Line and Broadband services by working with more MSPs to improve the overall resilience of our network.

It's an exciting time at Safe Hosts Internet LLP and we'd love you to join us on our journey.

Want to Join Our Team?

If you would like join our team please reach out to careers@safehosts.co.uk.

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When it comes to UK data centre solutions, we're expert, we're creative and our support team is always available for any queries.

Simply drop us a line, give us a call or complete our contact form, so we can chat through your requirements - we'd love to hear from you.