Colocation can be Flexible and Scalable to fit your business needs.


Scalability and flexibility are two essential components that businesses require in
order to thrive today. One outsource service where this is achieved is via data centre colocation. In this post, we will reveal what colocation is, and how it can help you to unlock more flexibility within your organisation.

What is Colocation Hosting?

Before we take a look at how colocation can help your business to achieve more, we must explain what colocation is.

Colocation hosting essentially means servers, routers, switches and other pieces of equipment from different businesses and organisations are securely segregated and ‘co-located’ within a purpose built data centre, such as SafeHosts

We often see that businesses themselves have their equipment situated in a number of different locations. For instance, they may have servers in three or four different colocation data centres. This is significant for businesses with a vast geographical footprint, as they want to ensure their servers are situated close to their physical offices and/or users. Having servers spread across data centres mitigates risk.

How does colocation offer scalability and flexibility?

Flexibility stems from the pay-as-you-grow model, which suits growing companies. You can add or remove rack space as and when you need to, which means you only pay for what you are actually using – saving you time and money.

With colocation, the risk of having insufficient or idle space to manage is eliminated.

This scalability is something that can be felt in many different ways:

Equipment scalability

The number of servers you have now or in the future does not matter. You always
have the option of upsizing or downsizing depending on your specific needs.

Whenever you need more data centre space, you simply lease it. You do not need to wait months or even years for an expensive and complicated data facility
construction project to be completed. Meaning your business can scale as and when needed.

You could need four racks and 20kW of power today, yet you may find that your
requirements double within the next year. If you were to manage your own servers, accommodating such growth would be an extensive undertaking, with time and resources required. With colocation, this becomes as simple as leasing more rack, floor or suite space.

Network scalability

Scalability not only relates to the equipment you house, it extends to all elements of the solution from networking to power and bandwidth. At SafeHosts as with most data centre providers, we have capacity to enable and support quick network growth in a systematic and organised manner.

Data centre network scalability refers to being able to construct and expand a
network with straightforward, repeatable designs, which can accommodate new
devices or increased traffic without cost per port, workflows, or applications being impacted.

Connectivity scalability

SafeHosts, like most data centre providers have multiple internet connections with a variety of bandwidth providers. This ensures there is always capacity available for clients to increase their traffic, whether that is for a short burst of traffic or as the long term demand increases. As providers we have strategies in place to increase connectivity infrastructure as capacity reaches a set threshold, to ensure there is always availability.

This means that end-users can always access the services they need and
businesses always have the capacity they need to meet their demands.

No need to pay for idle capacity

One of the great benefits associated with data centre colocation and the scalability it provides is that you will no longer be paying for idle capacity, whether that is rack space or bandwidth. Idle capacity can be very costly for any business.

Not only is it expensive, but you may end up with obsolete technology on your hands by the time you are required to use it.

For instance, if you design a data centre with equipment with an expected lifespan of a decade, the extra capacity you have constructed to accommodate growth in the future may end up being out of date within five years.

You can end up at a distinct disadvantage because you are unable to leverage the
advances in diversity, performance, energy consumption, and other capabilities.

Final words on the flexibility and scalability of colocation

So there you have it: an insight into colocation and the benefits that are associated with it. If you are looking to unlock more flexibility and scalability, Safehosts colocation solution could be just the thing that your business needs.

Why choose Safehosts for Colocation Hosting?

Safehosts Colocation is a convenient and low-cost way to manage your business servers, but only if the proper data center team is selected.

Safehosts colocation business hosting in Cheltenham is a great option for
businesses in Gloucestershire, London, the Midlands, and a host of other places
across the UK.

In addition to a great location, we deliver;

  • The world-class specialised colocation hosting services your business
    deserves, at all times
  • A diverse resilient and reliable backbone network which forms the core
    infrastructure of the data facility.
  • 24/7 manned and monitored
  • An outstanding customer care service underpinned by transparency and
  • Excellent pricing, not least because we are based outside of London,
    A team of dedicated experts that facilitate your requirements, from remote hands to full set up,
  • Server housing facilities for servers of all sizes, suited to every business
    and every budget.

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