What is Colocation Hosting and Why is it a Better Solution?


What is Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is a service in which a business hosts its servers and computer hardware at a third-party specialised data housing facility. Companies like yours can rent the space to house your servers negating the need for on-site storage at your own location, which can be fraught with issues.

Businesses using colocation hosting can rent server space by the “u”, rack, cabinet, cage or even dedicated suite.

Colocation hosting should not be confused with cloud servers or managed services as, unlike those, businesses are responsible for supplying and managing their own servers.

How does Colocation Hosting Work?

Colocation hosting is generally a purpose-built specialised resilient infrastructure for running your servers. You provide the servers and storage while the data centre provides the facilities, power, maintenance, bandwidth and security of the servers and guaranteed up time.

In most cases, companies simply relocate existing servers to a data centre of their choice. For colocation, the data centre simply houses the servers and the responsibility lays with you to ensure the hardware and software remains at optimal health. Your team sets up the server to meet your business needs. Once configured, the data centre handles all of the environmental aspects. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Cooling to keep servers running at optimal performance levels,
  • On-site security and physical protection,
  • Ongoing and reliable power supply management,
  • Disaster prevention and recovery protocols,
  • Compliance with geographic and industry-specific regulations.

Servers are subsequently managed via a console, which allows your IT experts to manage their servers remotely. Secure in the knowledge that all power supplies and related items are under control.

Colocation hosting can be used by companies of all sizes while the industry’s CAGR is currently 16.05% despite the pandemic. This server management approach helps businesses of all sizes overcome the challenges and costs associated with running in-house computing facilities and server closets. The most attractive features are detailed below.

Lightning Performance - High bandwidth and low latency

Servers and related IT systems play an increasingly important role in modern business, supporting companies across every industry. Colocation hosting provides access to world-class services ensuring that servers gain ultra-fast bandwidth (transfer speeds) with low latency (delays).

At Safehosts, colocation hosting packages are tailored to meet your bandwidth requirements and IT infrastructure

Unlimited power with no downtime

Unplanned downtime costs UK businesses up to £83,000 per hour.

Even for a small company, eliminating downtime is key. Colocation hosting offers access to unlimited power and guaranteed uptime. Dedicated data centres are designed to handle large power needs and big data transfer. They are additionally supported by backup power supplies to overcome any problems with the power grid.

Data Centre 24/7 security monitoring

The physical security of servers and IT infrastructure is another vital feature. It is incorporated as a standard feature of colocation hosting, saving your business the need to manage in-house systems. It saves you from downtime caused by theft and delivers peace of mind, allowing you to work without interruption. Safehosts can also provide cybersecurity for your servers as required.

Advanced climate control systems

Servers and IT infrastructure need to be stored in suitable environments. Due to heating, they require cool surroundings and good air circulation. On-site storage cabinets fail to provide this, leading to increased downtime and reduced performance levels. Switching to a colocation hosting service at a dedicated data centre ensures that the best conditions are maintained. This protects hardware, servers, and your company.

Live monitoring and reporting of server equipment

Prevention is the best form of protection, and early diagnosis and treatment is the best alternative. When servers are stored through colocation hosting, they will be monitored with live reporting. Industry-certified technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve any related issues in the most efficient manner. Crucially, isolating problems prevents them from spreading to other aspects of the company servers.

Colocation hosting is a far better solution compared to in-house infrastructure management where issues go unnoticed due to negligence or a lack of expertise.

Better server management

Stats show that 85% of IT leaders will integrate a combination of on-site, cloud, colocation, and edge options by 2025. Versatile colocation hosting is a necessity for meeting the ongoing demands of your IT infrastructure. Service level agreements provide clarity over what is expected of you and of the data centre itself. The improved environments will make it easier for your company’s technicians to configure and remotely manage the systems too.

Data centres allow you to expand your colocation needs to align with the evolution of the company. You are no longer restricted to the possibilities of your commercial properties.

Reduced Costs with Colocation hosting

Ultimately, every business decision is a financial one. Colocation hosting lets you rent a space that is perfectly aligned with your needs at any given time. This saves you from overspending on unneeded facilities. Likewise, you won't be left with too little when the time comes to expand. The costs of building a suitable server storage environment of your own are huge. A dedicated data centre means it is no longer necessary.

Colocating additionally gives you a clear insight into the monthly billing, enabling you to manage your finances and plan ahead in style.

Why choose Safehosts for Colocation Hosting?

Colocation hosting is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage your business servers, but only if the right data centre team is selected.

Safehosts colocation hosting in Cheltenham is a great option for businesses in Gloucestershire, London, the Midlands, and a host of other places across the UK. In addition to a great location, we deliver;

  • The world-class specialised colocation hosting services your business deserves, at all times,
  • A diverse resilient and reliable backbone network which forms the core infrastructure of the data facility.
  • 24/7 manned and monitored
  • An outstanding customer care service underpinned by transparency and responsiveness,
  • Excellent pricing, not least because we are based outside of London,
  • A team of dedicated experts that facilitate your requirements, from remote hands to full set up,
  • Server housing facilities for servers of all sizes, suited to every business and every budget.

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