The mistake that’s costing millions


I’m not talking about user error or accidentally switching off your client’s IT.

I’m not talking about data breach; there are enough real-life examples of that without adding more fuel to that fire.

No. I’m talking about over-promising and forgetting to talk about what you already do really well. Like getting customer service right.


It’s kind of ingrained (with reason) that you big up your products and services, and point out what makes them so much better than the competition.

But what if you forget that sometimes your customers are just looking for a reliable service that works; nothing more, nothing less. Bells and whistles optional.

All that overhype could actually be putting off potential customers and costing you millions. Can your service really be that amazing?

Time for some perspective.


When it comes to IT, we’ve probably all been guilty of only talking to the technical team when there’s a problem or we want to add some amazing new tool to an already top-heavy tech stack.

When do we ever pick up the phone or drop them a line to say, “The IT’s working just fine today and I know that’s the result of you all monitoring performance, fixing bugs, applying patches, etc. Just wanted to say thank you!”

It’s the other side of the coin – we don’t always need IT to be jazz-hands amazing; we just need IT to work. And work so well that we don’t even think about it.


I was writing up a new case study last week from one of our newest customers who had a really great onboarding experience.

And it struck me when I was reading it back to myself, and glancing at our existing case studies, that the one thing they all have in common is having been sold – and then received – a straightforward service which does what it said it would.

And enables their own businesses to function and serve their customers.

Which, after all, is what Colocation and Hosting is all about; simply taking away the burden of server management so that our customers can concentrate on what really matters.


It would be great if Colocation had the power to change the world. (Perhaps one day it will; 2020 has shown us anything is possible!)

But for now, perhaps I’ll focus on talking about our flexible packages and our easy-to-work-with technical team, who make sure each customer’s service matches what they actually need and is up to the level they expect.

In other words, focus on the core selling points of Colocation from Safe Hosts without promising the Earth.


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