What is Colocation & how does it work?


Colocation Hosting is a way of hosting a server and other computing hardware at a third party data centre facility.

In most cases, the colocation data centre will provide the facilities, power, maintenance, bandwidth and security of the servers. You, as a customer, will provide the physical server and storage.

Colocation provides many benefits to organisations including eliminating the costs associated with building, maintaining and updating an in-house computing facility. Another real benefit is improved network security, as your hosted server will be maintained in a secure and reliable location.


So, in a nutshell, what can colocation provide for your business?

  • High speed, reliable connectivity that allows critical applications to be uninterrupted
  • Reduced infrastructure costs, removing cost heavy demands such as cooling, ventilation and risk suppression systems
  • Ensures physical servers have high network security and are maintained efficiently
  • Backed up by redundant power supply, ensuring availability of your servers, 24/7
  • Removes the burden of providing physical space, freeing up sites for other resources and staff facilities


Our server Colocation plans are flexible and cost-effective, with single units, quarter, half and full racks available, all with managed service options. All our plans can be further tailored to your specific business needs.

Get in contact with one of our experts today and see how colocation can evolve your business’ infrastructure.