What are Leased Lines?


Leased lines are a dedicated, flexible bandwidth, symmetric data connection, used to link two locations together.

In most cases, the base connection is typically a workplace, with the second location being a data centre that's connected to the internet.

The internet breakout from the data centre is often resilient over multiple carriers helping to keep your organisation online.

Alternatively, a data centre connected to the organisation’s existing wide area network (WAN).


So in a nutshell, what can Leased Lines be used for?

  • To provide high speed, SLA backed connectivity to an office
  • To improve connectivity in hard to reach locations
  • Flexible and burstable throughout, allowing you to scale as your business grows
  • A dedicated link won't suffer contention, ensuring you always get the speed you pay for.


How Safe Hosts can help?

At Safe Hosts, our multi-carrier Leased line and Broadband options keep you always connected with your hosted data and applications.

Backed up with SLAs and great customer service, our Leased lines give you dedicated connectivity you can rely on in any location, while our Fibre and DSL Broadband services help to connect smaller office locations across the UK and provide crucial backup connections.

Get in contact with a specialist today, and find out how we can help your business connect to the things that matter.