When broadband just isn’t enough

Leased Lines and Broadband

There comes a time in the life of every small business when one too many backups fail or the broadband groans and peters out just when payments are being processed.

When you know, you know … it’s time to celebrate the fact that your business has grown and to look at your leased line options.

It’s easy to wince at the costs compared to broadband, but there are plenty of good reasons why a leased line is worth every penny you spend on it.


It's yours.

Unlike broadband, your leased line is dedicated to your business alone. That’s why it’s sometimes called DIA – Dedicated Internet Access. You pay for what you get – a pipe of connectivity that’s entirely yours, to use as you see fit without interruption from any other business or piece of data traffic.


It’s symmetrical.

With a leased line, your download and upload speeds are the same. Imagine your broadband having the same upload speeds as your downloads; how much more productive you could be. That’s what you pay for with a leased line. Productivity transformed. Smooth video conferences without the buffering. And super quick file transfers.


It grows with your business.

As your business develops and grows, your connectivity needs will grow likewise. A leased line lets you build in capacity right from the start. Secure a larger bearer than you need but take just enough bandwidth for what you use right now; when you need more bandwidth, simply unlock unused capacity within your bearer. Future proofed connectivity for your growing business.


It comes with a promise.

Unlike broadband, where you’re at the mercy of engineer timetables that don’t factor in your business continuity, your leased line costs also come with assurances called SLAs (Service Level Agreements). They’re guarantees that promise to fix your line in a specified amount of time in the event of it going down (or else your provider will pay a penalty).


It just lets you work faster.

The obvious benefit of faster speeds is the ability to download and upload much more quickly, collaborate and share content without poor bandwidth getting in the way, and simply get more done. What’s not to love?


But wait!

All this isn’t to say you should ditch your old broadband line. Keeping it running quietly in the background could just keep your business’ wheels turning in the rare but entirely possible situation that your leased line fails. Your broadband then becomes a critical backup, keeping your data moving and your business running while your core line is fixed.


And that bit about costs?

Actually, leased lines are nowhere near as expensive as they used to be, so you could be surprised at just how little they can cost.

In any case, when you factor in all the benefits of a leased line, you might find it much easier to make that decision that you thought at first.

Especially when you consider how much time and money you might be losing now due to an over-reliance on standard broadband.

And with multiple carriers available to choose from, there are plenty of options for getting more bang for your buck.


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