Legacy Ethernet pricing


It’s a common saying, “if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.

But because of this, many companies have critical systems and services on legacy platforms.

Legacy isn’t always a bad thing. My dad still drives around in an 06 plate Vauxhall Zafira and it’s still going strong.

But legacy is so much more than just the technology.

Legacy pricing still exists too.


When your Ethernet service was installed, the chances are you were on the best infrastructure at the time with the shortest route back to an exchange. However, over your contract life, more infrastructure is laid in the ground, often resulting in shorter routes back and cheaper pricing.

When your contract lapses, what your incumbent will likely do is just offer you a commercial reduction of X%. Whereas, if they searched through the available carriers, the chances are there are huge commercial savings to be made as well as latency improvements, etc.

Yes, there’s an amount of work to be carried out at your end with changing IP addresses and liaising with the new installation team, but as you already have Ethernet services to your premise, the spin up of this new line will almost certainly be quicker and you’ll be able to quickly benefit from your new connection at a reduced price.


So why do people not check?

The answer I often get back is “I don’t have time, time is money…”

The reality is that changing your Ethernet circuit can easily save you hundred of pounds a month; that’s thousands of pounds over the life of your contract.

Ask your incumbent to check all available carriers to see what can be done. If they only use one or two, maybe they shouldn’t be your incumbent anymore.


At Safe Hosts, we partner with SSE, Sky, BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Zayo and more, helping us to ensure our customers are never on legacy pricing.


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